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Beijing Oriental Kingherd Biotechnology Co.,LTD Founded in 1999, the company registered capital of 5 million, is the high-tech enterprises in Beijing, the company has a national modern agricultural industry technology system of comprehensive experimental station, a Beijing Key Laboratory (Beijing Ruminant System Nutrition Research and Development Center) China Agricultural University is the graduate experimental teaching base. Companies rely on China Agricultural University, Beijing Institute of Nutrition source, long-term commitment to animal nutrition research, especially in ruminant rumen protection of nutrients research, has made international leading achievements, rumen protection (rumen) nutrients "Ani Excellent "series of products in the production of which made significant economic and social benefits, its unique technology, advanced technology, strict testing to ensure that the excellent quality of products, access to a growing number of customer trust. The company's "Dairy Perinatal Energy Metabolic Monitoring Program" to help dairy farms, especially large-scale pasture in the production of which make the right decision-making provides an accurate, timely and scientific basis for improved dairy cow postpartum dry matter intake, reduced True stomach displacement and the incidence of ketosis, prolonging the duration of lactation peak, reducing the cost of feeding, increased milk production, so that enterprises get more economic benefits.

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